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Health Wise has been supplying East London (South Africa) with high Quality health products since 2002. We proud ourselves in not only offering the best range and quality but also friendly advise as well. Visit any one of our two outlets in either Vincent Park or in Beacon Bay Retail Park.
Four of the best vitamins that keep your heart healthy
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Keeping your heart healthy should be on the top of your priority list. There are so many ways to achieve a healthy heart, and a simple way is to take these four vitamins on a daily basis to help your heart stay healthy. You don't always have to take additional supplements for health benefits. Add vitamin  rich foods to your diet , you just need to know what foods or lifestyle changes to make to get the most out of your meals.
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Boost your system with antioxidants and get more vitamin E in your diet. You can either choose to take the supplements or you can get your daily dose of vitamin E by eating tofu, spinach, nuts and broccoli for your vitamin E fix.

Eat your red, yellow and green leafy vegetables to get your daily does of carotenoids. These are powerful fighters of heart disease and are simple to incorporate into your diet.
These Vitamins are easy to include in your daily diet or take as additional supplements. Whichever you choose, make sure that you're getting your daily dose of these four vitamins which will help you to maintain the health of your heart.
Dose up on vitamin C and protect the tissues that surround your arteries. If you are looking for foods that are rich in vitamin C, add guavas, kiwi fruit, bell peppers and oranges to your shopping list.
Take your B vitamins!. Your B6 and B12 vitamins helps to stop blood clotting in heart disease. Foods that have a high source of vitamin B6 would be bannas, tuna, patatoes, spinage and avocado. You'll find vitamin B12 in salmon, yoghurt, beef and cow's milk.

Achieve optimal health by identifying your hidden imbalances
LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS can identify underlying imbalances that contribute to a variety of symptoms, fatigue , weight and digestive problems, sleeplessness, headaches, allergies and more. This test takes the guesswork out of choosing the correct natural programme and combonation of supplements for you. By analyzing a single drop of blood we can uncover hidden imbalances including : Didestive problems, Free Radical Damage and toxicity, Vitamin and Mineral deficiencies, Liver and kidney stress, Yeast and Candida, Heavy metal toxicity, Viral and bacterial activity, Degenerative patterns, Inflammation and Hormonal imbalances.

It is always our goal to ensure you're able to live the healthiest life. Identifying and reducing preventable health risks is just one way we can help.
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